This weekend Parachute Market brings together makers from around the Valley and beyondin LA’s Arts — a stone’s throw from the future Ace Hotel Downtown LA. The new quarterly presented by Storefront, is themed Psychedelic Summer, harkening to the hippie roots of West Coast craft.

Lindy and Grundy’s Amelia Posada brings home the bacon from local family farms to discerning Angelenos with cofounder and partner Erika NakamuraAmelia brings her journalist’s eye, activist’s passion, floral designer’s aesthetic and educator’s ethos to the butcher’s art. She’s also one of the curators at Parachute Market, so we asked her for a few words on craft, pigs and self-sufficiency.

Talk about the ever-increasing inclination toward keeping it close to home and doing it yourself.

Everywhere you look these days, we see actual craftsmen/women opening butcher shops, leather boutiques, urban farms, small batch ice cream… At my butcher shop, I get tons of people coming in who want to learn how to grind their own meat at home, make sausages for their families. I have friends putting bee hives and chicken coops in their back yards. We’ve become so disconnected with food and agriculture — and those of us who have grown up in urban areas have been conditioned to shop at massive chain stores — that it’s wonderful to see so many people who are tired of handing their hard-earned money to giant corporations instead seeking out specialists, farmers markets and artisans, and supporting their own local economies. I think we all crave that sense of community. It’s exciting and inspiring to be a part of this.

What are most excited about this weekend?

Eating too many “sausage snuggies” and Mexican street corn pies from my favorite baker, The Pig & Pastry Pie Company. And I’m totally looking forward to getting up at 4am to start roasting the pig, ha!

If you had to trade in the cleaver for some other tool what would you choose?

I’d pick up my floral shears and knife again. My first love has always been floral design. 

Love this: @ParachuteMarket in the Downtown Arts District today and tomorrow. See you there! #DiscoverLA

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